5 Myths About Hair Transplantation

One of the most searched for phrases on Google is the term “hair transplant Singapore.” It has thousands of searches every single month and that is because many males in particular are concerned about their balding issues. Unsurprisingly, hair transplants are actually in high demand in Singapore.

This physical issue that targets mostly men is caused by genetics. It’s common for men to lose hair as they age and about 95% of hair loss in the country is natural as a result of aging in males.

Expectations At A Hair Transplant Clinic

During a visit to get a hair transplant, one can expect their doctor to examine their full history and to perform blood tests. This helps them decide how to best treat the patient prior to taking action.

Not all treatments work and seeing a professional is the best way to avoid ineffective fad treatments for hair loss. This decision for giving a patient their best treatment is based on the intensity of one’s hair loss, progression of one’s hair loss, and one’s lifestyle.

The best results that come from hair transplants more often than not include some kind of change of lifestyle. Patients are encouraged to make adjustments and follow strategic measures to ensure that the remnants of their natural hair stay in place longer.

Overall, the hair transplant process costs anywhere between six and ten thousand dollars. There isn’t an exact price because it solely depends on the original condition of one’s hair. Some of the determining factors of the price include the number of grafts one needs, the surgeon’s fee, and the price for each graft.

It typically costs from six to eight dollars for a graft using the manual FUE. In particular, a customized Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) transplant can be set up by contacting doctors directly.

One should look out for hair transplants that are poorly performed in order to avoid them. The cost of a transplant will go up if one continues to get them so the procedure shouldn’t have to be repeated. It’s going to cost in the long run and isn’t very effective. Also, the procedure should not get in the way of one getting a full head of hair in the future.

Great Hair Transplant Results…

Great hair transplant results usually show after about six months while the results peak in aesthetic after nine to twelve months. This is due to the fact that it takes anywhere between nine to twelve months for transplanted hair follicles to fully develop into the scalp.

For this reason, patients are strongly advised to get their hair transplant six to twelve months in advance before they expect to see a difference. This could be planned perhaps before a special event such as a big speech.

One of the inevitable outcomes of hair transplants is that they will eventually experience temporary shedding during the first two to three months. This is possibly an outcome of stress that follows after such a surgical procedure.

However, this hair will begin to grow back after three months. Getting help from an experienced hair transplant doctor will guide you on the right path. The best professionals have years of experience and have accumulated thousands of successful hair transplant cases.

One should make sure to choose the best hair doctor for their particular needs to maximize their chances for success.