Top 5 Highly Rated Hair Transplant Surgeons in the World

An Insight into the Top 5 Hair Transplant Highly Rated Doctors in the World

Technically, hair grows in follicular units. A follicular unit is made up of one to five hair follicles. Hair restoration is the procedure where follicular unit from donor sites gets transplanted to parts of a head where hair thinning, hair loss or baldness is visible.

Mostly, the units from donors are from the back or sides of the head. The most noted causes of hair loss or baldness in Singapore is due to genetics. Nearly 95% of the cases in Singaporean males are because of male pattern hair loss in their respective family.

The primary reasons why people seek hair transplant is due to hair loss, baldness and hair thinning. However, other people may have varying reasons for the treatment plan. Here are some common situations which may cause patients to opt for hair transplant:

In a case where medical treatment for hair loss was unsatisfactory
Frontal and temporal hair loss – A case that occurs when hair loss from the areas fail to respond to the Propecia Situations where more facial hair is desired, for instance, beard, or thicker eyebrows in cases of important events like a wedding.

Highly Rated Hair Transplant Specialists

  1. Dr. Joshua And Fazilah Iqbal
    Josh is a Certified Surgeon, together with the trainer in robotic hair restoration, Faz Iqbal. Together they have been in this department of aesthetic medicine for over ten years. Dr. Josh was trained in Singapore and is now a renowned hair transplant specialist together with Faz Iqbal. Furthermore, the surgeon is a member of the ISHRS. After his education, Josh developed his skills further by training with robotic restoration, together they make up the best hair transplant team in South East Asia and definitely in Singapore.
  2. Dr. Christine
    Christine is a dermatologist who is board-certified as a Micrographic Surgeon. She earned her degree in biology in New York Medical College. Christine deals with manual as well as robotic restoration. Besides, Dr. Christine runs the Platelet Rich Plasma and Scalp Micro-Pigmentation programs.
  3. Dr. Connolly
    Connolly is a doctor who is board-certified in dermatology practices and a Mohs Micrographic Surgeon. He specializes in both male and female hair losses. Dr. Connolly graduated from Pennsylvania University. Connolly became a valedictorian of the medical school Stony Brook University School of Medicine.
  4. Dr. Gerard
    Gerard is a Surgeon who has served in the department of Aesthetic Medicine in the past five years. He is certified in the Robotic Restoration program. Besides, Dr. Gerald is continually and actively coming up with new techniques for the treatment of hair loss.
  5. Dr. Bernstein
    Bernstein is a clinical professor of medical dermatology at Columbia University located in New York. Moreover, Dr. Bernstein is a prominent hair transplant specialist. The landmark medical publications, as well as the pioneering surgical techniques implemented in FUE and FUT, have transformed hair restoration treatment. Bernstein is highly respected for keenness and aesthetic sense, high-quality patient care, and brilliant surgical skills.
    The success rate of your transplant will rely on experience as well as the training of the selected team. So, when you are determined to get hair transplant, talking to several doctors will help to get a sense of the experience the specialists possess.

These are some queries you may ask the hair transplant doctors about when sending in online enquires:
What is your experience in the surgeries, how many years have you performed the treatment procedure?
How many transplant surgeries on hair loss cases have you done?
What is your success rate of the hair transplant operations performed?
What is the cost of a hair transplant procedure in your clinic?

During an actual meeting, you may also ask the hair transplant doctors to show photos of previous patients before and after the treatment.